Arrangements recorded as Quintet (two on the front line) and Sextet (three on the front line) fall into two basic categories. If the front line instruments play in octaves or unison, or if there are only a couple of harmony notes, it's all written on the lead sheets. If the front line requires separate parts, that's noted. Click on one of the specific categories below, or just scroll through the titles by composer.

Of course, all our lead sheets are ideal for duo, trio and quartet performances.

  • QUINTET (front line recorded in octaves or unison)
  • QUINTET (separate front line parts)
  • SEXTET (front line recorded in octaves or unison)
  • SEXTET (separate front line parts)
  • SEPTET (separate front line parts)
  • There are many more printed quintet and sextet arrangements available (as well as septet and octet arrangements) from Second Floor Music that are not available on jazzleadsheets.com. The printed arrangements have full scores and recorded and alternate parts, and they're described along with audio clips on SecondFloorMusic.com. Printed arrangements are available for sale from MusicDispatch.com and ejazzlines.com and other music retailers.