Guitar Corner / Duets

Sometimes our audio excerpts are two guitars; others come from the original recordings. For example the audio excerpt for Joe Said So comes from the trio recording of Jon Gordon (alto sax) with guitarist Ben Monder and drums. You can see and hear the duet duo if you click on the song title, which takes you to the song page for Joe Said So. Scroll down to see the video.

Hank Mobley's The Break Through audio excerpt comes from guitarist Bernstein's recording with organ and drums. You'll see and hear our guitar duo when you click on the song title and scroll to the video. Click on the Guitar Corner tab on the song pages to get more info about the Duet.

Of course, you could play our duets on gigs, with a rhythm section. Playing them with two guitars is also great; the two of you have to make sure you both have the "time" feel together. Good practice!