PDF editions
Each DUET edition contains both parts, a double stave part so each part can always see what the other part is doing. Besides a DUET audio track you can listen to, we also have Minus You tracks (either the 1st part or 2nd part alone), with a count off.
We have C treble clef, C bass clef, B-flat and E-flat editions available. Each one has two staves showing both parts, so you can always see the other part as well as your own.
If one of the parts goes too low for some instruments, other editions are available, written an octave higher: for example, B-flat instruments (Tenor Sax); C-treble clef (Guitar). The Guitar part would be correct for Flute, because the original C-treble clef part goes too low for your instrument.
MP3 audio tracks
Of course, we hope you'll get a chance to play our duets with a friend, but if you can't immediately round up a duet partner, we provide a solution. An audio track of each duet is available, both parts, plus a track of each part separately, so you can play the other part while listening to either the 1st or 2nd part.
Don Sickler: I'm starting our DUET audio editions by recording each duet myself, on trumpet, first recording one of the parts, and then the other part, listening to and locking in with the part I first recorded.
This can be a challenging process, with no rhythm section to lock into. You can really check out your own timekeeping by recording both tracks yourself in this way, using Garage Band or other recording software. By doing that, you end up with two isolated tracks, which can then be mixed together, with some separation in the middle so each part can be heard clearly. If you have recording capability yourself, I totally recommend you try it yourself. It's a great learning tool.

The Duets we currently have are listed below, by composer. Clicking on the button in from of each title lets you hear an excerpt of the original full ensemble recorded track. Here's an audio excerpt of each Duet: > Social Call; clip Third Time Around;  clip and Soul Time, which also can have a 3rd part >;. Clicking on the song titles below takes you to each song's page to order each edition.