Guitar Corner

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The Guitar Corner provides all guitarists, from those unfamiliar with jazz to seasoned professionals, with materials to improve their skills. Here you will find melody, solo and comping transcriptions of past legends and contemporary masters as well as arrangements for solo guitar and guitar trios. Our MINUS YOU section is comprised of play-along tracks that omit parts of your choice—play the melody, comp or practice playing in a trio format with professional musicians.

Check out the composers featured below or click on the blue categories. Or type guitar in our SEARCH box above on the right, and browse through our diverse catalogue of songs and artists. For even more fun, check out our YouTube PLAYLIST featuring guitar.

GUITAR SOLO TRANSCRIPTIONS Learn how past legends and contemporary masters approach improvisation.
GUITAR MELODY TRANSCRIPTIONS Learn how to deliver a convincing and inventive interpretation of a written melody.
CHORD MELODY Learn how to harmonize a melody on the guitar while developing your voicing vocabulary..
CHOP DEVELOPMENT Develop a fluid, relaxed technique to prepare you for any melody at any tempo.
EASY THREE-GUITAR ARRANGEMENTS These three-guitar arrangements are a perfect educational tool for less experienced guitarists. With our MINUS YOU Tracks, students also have the option of removing their part from the mix in order to practice locking in with the prerecorded parts. Three-guitar master tracks as well as tracks MINUS Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 are available for purchase.
GUITAR DUETS Great for practicing and performing with friends, our guitar duet materials will develop your time feel, sense of phrasing and accompaniment skills.
GUITAR TRIO Study how the masters have approached this popular yet challenging ensemble format. Build the skills required to create a powerful trio arrangement. No pianist needed in your rhythm section, just guitar and bass or guitar, bass and drums.
WITH TABLATURE Musical notation plus a staff for tabs.
MINUS GUITAR Professionally recorded audio tracks for guitarists to practice with. Each available song in this category has multiple tracks (what we call "MINUS YOU" tracks). Options include Minus Piano (good for comping practice), Minus Melody (tracks without horns), and Trio (solely bass and drums).

    Jeanfrançois Prins

  • My Main Man - Jeanfrançois Prins Swing (groove - medium slow)
  • Three For Two - Jeanfrançois Prins 3/4 swing (medium)
  • Chuck Wayne

  • Slightly Dizzy - Chuck Wayne Swing (medium up)