Minus You

We've expanded the accompaniment-only (play-a-long) tracks concept into new dimensions with what we call MINUS YOU. These are great audio tracks you can play along with, putting your instrument (or voice) into the original ensemble recording. A major difference in our approach is, the great majority of these tracks were not originally designed as play-a-long tracks. As you can hear by checking out any of the full tracks, these are serious recordings in themselves. The Minus You concept just takes it to a further dimension, letting you participate in the original recording! Check out some examples from our Minus You playlist. Check out our Minus You Guide to understand how we name our Minus You parts.


Different individual audio tracks designed for not only the melody/soloist instrumentalist, but also for each individual rhythm section player. We have special audio as well as parts for you, whatever your instrument. Click the blue heading above to see individual instruments.


Most of these songs are available both with a vocalist singing the melody and without one, so you can learn the melody then interpret it yourself. Great backing tracks to fine-tune phrasing and pitch! Click the blue heading above to see all selections.