Piano Corner / Piano Comping Voicings

How you rhythmically "comp" to support a soloist is, of course, extremely important, but if your voicings aren't happening, and if they don't make sense horizontally as linear lines (meaning your voice leading is messed up), your soloist isn't going to be happy!

Our "Piano Comping Voicings" solo section editions show voicings that correspond to the harmonic rhythm of the solo progression. The starting point is always the basic chord progression for the solo section, so you'll find the basic chord symbols in their normal position above the staff. Pianists will often add extensions to, or alter, chords as they move from chord to chord in the progression. When this happens, the addition or alteration is analyzed and clarified under the staff, making it easy to understand.

Right now, we're exploring different approaches.
• "In the style of" or à la editions give you insight into the harmonic language of the great pianists who were on the original recordings. Our piano transcriber and editor, Glenn Zaleski, came up with the à la concept, and the goal is to give you insights into the personal harmonic vocabulary of the artists while also maintaining good voice leading from chord to chord.
• We've also asked other piano artists to give us voicings for one solo chorus, showing their own personal approach to various songs.
• For some songs, like Bobby Timmons' Soul Time, we're showing you the composer's comping behind the melody.

This is a "work in progress" section of our website. Stay tuned.