Mia – Carl Perkins

A clever composition with complex rhythmic figures and a delightful melody. Lead sheets and second parts available. Plus a Rhythm Section Workshop version with Minus You tracks for piano, bass, and drums to play along with, in two different tempos.

Carl Perkins

August 16, 1928 – March 18, 1958

Do not confuse this Carl Perkins with the rockabilly guitarist with the same name. This Carl Perkins was an exceptional pianist who developed a unique style of playing the piano with an inimitable left-hand technique. Not much is known about him, despite the fact that one of his compositions, Grooveyard, went on to become rather famous. Born in Indianapolis, IN, he worked with Tiny Bradshaw and Big Jay McNeely (1948-1949) there, then moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 1949. He did his first recording session (his own date) that year in Los Angeles for Savoy Records. Read more...

4 songs available.