For Instrumentalists / Minus Melody

These compositions have rhythm section (piano/bass/drums) tracks (MP3) without the melody. Some also contain exchanges with the drummer, but the total emphasis is on you playing the melody and soloing. Specifics about each recording are discussed on the Minus You tab for each title, along with Minus You audio clips. Click the play button here to hear an excerpt from the full track; click on the song titles themselves to go to each song's detail page and Minus You tab, where you can hear a clip of the Minus You audio. Filter by key and style, if desired, by using the dropdowns on the left. Or search as indicated by typing in the search box. Or just scroll down the page and look at the titles we currently have.

After hearing from artists, teachers and students who want tracks they can use for auditions, we sometimes offer performance edition tracks, in addition to the labeled practice edition tracks. The practice tracks are longer; fun to learn with, but not practical as audition tapes. If there's only one Minus You track listed, it's a shorter performance track. You can search for either by typing "practice" or "performance" in the search box at the top of every page.