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No combo? No problem. These arrangements—by the composers themselves or by contemporary arrangers—flesh out the lead sheets into beautiful solo pieces. Explore the composers' melodic and harmonic language with these fully composed works. They're a great first step for classically trained pianists looking to explore jazz: with everything on the page, no guesswork is necessary. Many feature exclusive audio tracks recorded at legendary engineer Rudy Van Gelder's studio featuring pianists Kenny Drew, Jr. and Glenn Zaleski.

Note: The audio clips here are from the original recordings, not the solo piano versions. Click on the song title to go to the details page, where you can then click on the Solo Piano Arrangements album cover (if available) or listen to an audio clip under the Piano Corner tab.

Looking for easy piano arrangements?
Don Sickler: "Being basically a non-pianist myself, I still dream about having the time to work on my piano chops, so that someday I can feel confident at the piano. Unfortunately for me, my time at the piano to try to develop some skills (in other words, PRACTICE) has been non-existent! However, as an active arranger, if I hear a composition in an easy piano environment, I do take the time to create a piano arrangement. They are always on a level that, with some practice, even with my limited skills at the piano, I feel I could perform them myself. So if you see a Don Sickler piano arrangement, with a little work, anyone can play it!

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