For Instrumentalists / Rhythm Section Workshop

Our Rhythm Section Workshop editions feature exactly that: the Rhythm Section!
-- intricate part interplay
-- feature space for each player

Our first Rhythm Section Workshop edition was Elmo Hope's Minor Bertha. It's definitely a real workout for rhythm section players, demanding everyone's full attention at all times.
Click the play buttons to hear a sample of the Rhythm Section Workshop audio; click on the song title to go to the song detail page, then click on the Rhythm Section Workshop album cover to get full information. Although tricky, some aren't that difficult. You'll always be able to hear an audio excerpt so you can judge the difficulty for yourself and read a full description of each arrangement. Plus, some titles have audio tracks in two different tempos, so you can work your way up.
Minus You tracks are available for each instrument. Click on the Minus You tab for format. Guitar, vibes, etc., can experiment with the minus piano PDF edition and play with the Minus Piano track.