Drum Corner / Minus You (Minus Drums)

All the titles listed below also have audio tracks (MP3) without Drums. You can also immediately filter by key and style using the dropdowns on the left if that is helpful to you.

• Investigate what we currently have available by scrolling down this page of alphabetical composers and their song titles.

• The audio button in front of every title on this page plays an excerpt of the full recording.

• Clicking on any song title takes you to that song's page. Then clicking on the Minus You tab on that song's page gives you more information and a short audio example of the minus drums track.

• We feel the drummer should be able to see what's going on around him, so we suggest which part to get for each arrangement (Drums, Condensed Score, etc.). The part includes the basic information as to solo order and number of solo choruses. The Minus You tab has a full explanation of the part and the arrangement format.

• Click here for tips from producer Don Sickler.