Ease It – Paul Chambers

A rhythmic bop-influenced head that makes a great bass feature. Exclusive MP3 tracks available, including a special quartet track, a multiple bass track featuring rising star Daryl Johns, and a Minus You practice track for bass players to practice the melody.

Paul Chambers

April 22, 1935 – January 4, 1969

Bassist Paul Chambers was a leading rhythmic force in the 1950s and 1960s. He became one of the signature bassists in jazz history. Born in Pittsburgh but raised in Detroit, Chambers initially took up the baritone horn as a child. He followed suit with the tuba and didn't become interested in the string bass until 1949. Listening to Charlie Parker and Bud Powell and studying under a bassist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Chambers began making headway in small bars of Hastings Street area and doing club jobs with Kenny Burrell, Thad Jones and Barry Harris. He did classical work in a group called the Detroit String Band, a rehearsal symphony orchestra. Read more...

3 songs available.