Blues Cycle – Jimmy Raney & George Mraz

A transcription is available for this Jimmy Raney blues solo, which starts in B♭ and eventually goes all around the circle of fourths while trading choruses with bassist George Mraz.

Jimmy Raney

August 20, 1927 – May 9, 1995

Jimmy Raney was one of the most fluent and deft bebop players of all time, having assimilated the language of musicians such as Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, and Dizzy Gillespie in such a thorough manner that pianist Barry Harris, one of the world’s foremost bebop masters, once remarked that “Man this cat (Jimmy Raney) plays like Yard (Charlie Parker)!”’ Read more...

4 songs available.

George Mraz

born on September 9, 1944

Revered for his impeccable intonation, inventive accompaniment and complete mastery of the bass's technical demands, George Mraz is one of the greatest bassists of the last fifty years. Mraz has such profound ears that he has been chosen by some of the greatest musicians in history: Oscar Peterson, Hank Jones and Tommy Flanagan to name but a few. Read more...

1 song available.