Stupendous-Lee – Gigi Gryce

A very happy swinging tune with an intricate second part. Transcriptions of both Gigi Gryce's alto sax solo and Art Farmer's trumpet solo are available from the original recording. Our "Gigi Gryce Project" version has Minus You tracks for all instruments.

Gigi Gryce

November 28, 1925 – March 17, 1983

Gigi Gryce was a fine altoist in the 1950s, but it was his writing skills, both composing and arranging (including composing the standard Minority) that were considered most notable. After growing up in Hartford, CT, and studying at the Boston Conservatory and in Paris, Gryce worked in New York with Max Roach, Tadd Dameron, and Clifford Brown. He toured Europe in 1953 with Lionel Hampton and led several sessions in France on that trip. Read more...

33 songs available.