Theme For Doris – Harold "Tina" Brooks

This is a beautiful, melodic tune related to Horace Silver's Nica's Dream, with an even longer form.

Harold "Tina" Brooks

June 7, 1932 – August 15, 1973

Harold Floyd "Tina" Brooks and his twin brother Harry were born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, becoming the youngest of eight children. The family moved to NYC in 1944. By then, Harold was already being called Tina (pronounced Teena), a grade school nickname that came from his tiny or teensy size. Around this time, he started playing the C Melody saxophone, studying with his 10 year older brother David "Bubba" Brooks, Jr. Bubba had become an established R&B tenor saxophonist, and in late 1950, Tina subbed for Bubba for a few months in pianist Sonny Thompson's R&B band. Tina made his first recording with this band. Read more...

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