Take Care – Valery Ponomarev

Half Latin, half bop and full of soul, Take Care has an authentic hard-bop sound. Valery Ponomarev transcribed trumpet solo available.

Valery Ponomarev

born on January 20, 1943

One of the first Russians to make a big name in the American jazz scene, Valery Ponomarev is a trumpet virtuoso whose hard bop style is enjoyed worldwide. Valery was first introduced to jazz during his youth while watching the television program "Voice of America." He was particularly entranced by trumpeter Clifford Brown and dedicated years of his life transcribing and studying great jazz trumpet solos. His hard work paid off: not only was he able to record regularly in the USSR under the Melodiya label, but after he left the country in 1973, it didn't take long for him to be offered a spot in Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. During his four years with the Messengers, Valery appeared on eleven albums and toured worldwide. Read more...

5 songs available.