Hank Mobley

  • New Hank Mobley titles

    Take a listen to two newly-arrived compositions by tenor sax great Hank Mobley: An Aperitif from Hank's "Third Season" album with parts for the three-horn arrangement, and On The Bright Side from "Curtain Call," with trumpeter Kenny Dorham's transcribed solo.

  • Hank Mobley's 90th livestreamed from Van Gelder's

    Celebrate Hank Mobley's 90th birthday year with us while we re-explore the 60th anniversary of his classic recordings "Soul Station," "Roll Call" and more, in the studio where they were created.

    At 9pm on Saturday, November 14, come inside the legendary Van Gelder studio. For the first time, you can hear and see the musicians in that magnificent room, playing into Rudy's microphones, their sounds being captured by his console. Experience being in that studio as the musicians explore Hank Mobley's music.

    Enjoy the artistry of our "Soul Station" quartet: Ron Carter, Joe Lovano, Isaiah J Thompson and Kenny Washington.
    Don Sickler is the host of the evening.

    The link is: VanGelder.live

  • Great new music to play

    Get Away Blue - Chris Swansen
    Chris Swansen, a talented, innovative and fearless composer, comes to jazzleadsheets.com with his delightful and challenging Get Away Blue. Replete with time signature changes, its even phrases and relatively simple changes make it (sort of) easy to follow and definitely fun to play.

    Karita - Robert Watson
    One of Watson's most engaging titles, this Latin melody is based on a syncopated line, developed in the bridge. Rhythm hits are shown in all lead sheet editions.

    One For Liam – Jon Gordon
    Jon's modal blues was first recorded by alto sax and piano. Modern, with complex melodies and rhythms, it's great as a duo but it could get really interesting as a trio (adding either bass or drums) or why not as a quartet . . .

    Soft Impressions - Hank Mobley
    A minor blues with that unmistakable Mobley funk. Recorded in 1966, trumpet and tenor sax mostly in unison, this is a ball for any ensemble to play.

    Wildwood - Gigi Gryce
    This is a swinging early Gryce song that's been recorded surprisingly many times, including several live versions by Stan Getz. We feature four of Getz' recordings here.

  • Four new HANK MOBLEY titles

    The recording session introducing these compositions took place 50 years ago, on March 18, 1966 ("A Slice Of The Top"). Hank on tenor and Lee Morgan on trumpet, with an expanded front line of James Spaulding on alto sax and flute, Kiane Zawadi on euphonium, Howard Johnson on tuba,plus the rhythm section of McCoy Tyner, piano; Bob Cranshaw, bass; Billy Higgins, drums. Hank's compositions were arranged by Duke Pearson for the original session. Great music, but how many times do you have an ensemble of that size?Knowing how popular Hank Mobley music is among our musicians, we made lead sheets that work with any size group.

    Cute 'N Pretty A minor folksy intro leads into the lilting 3/4 A-section melody which expands into an energy 2-against-3 solo B-section.

    A Touch Of Blue  The fun starts with a climbing call and response A section that develops into a back-beat pedal double bridge which opens up further in the solo section.

    A Slice Of The Top  With a faintly oriental flavor, built around a two-measure vamp, this modal song with a Latin groove is classic later Mobley.

    Hank's Other Bag  Uptempo hard bop with a pentatonic melody, sort of a 14-bar blues, it definitely keeps your interest as you cycle through it.


  • New Hank Mobley and more . . .

    A new one from saxophonist Hank Mobley: UP OVER AND OUT, a 16-measure blues with Mobley's signature swing and groove. Guitarist George Benson and the rhythm section establish an infectious vamp figure that the horn melody further elevates before swinging out the last eight measures of the head. A great energy opener or closer!

    Pianist Elmo Hope's NIETA has an unusual 32-measure form (eight bars of the same chord progression repeated three times under the melody). Elmo sets off the melody with a Latin intro and adds a tutti rhythmical interlude at the end of the melody to set up each soloist. First and second parts are available, plus a Concert Condensed Score for the rhythm section.

    Trombonist Curtis Fuller's ability to write music that sounds (and is) simply fun to play is demonstrated in his SYMPTOMS. Recorded by Curtis and tenor saxophonist Benny Golson, second parts are available for all instruments as well as a Concert Condensed Score for the rhythm section.

    Pianist Milton Sealey, new to jazzleadsheets.com, is represented by his BLACK DIAMOND, a lilting, delightful 3/4 romp recorded first by multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. An Easy Solo Piano Arrangement by Don Sickler is available, plus lead sheets.

    Now for additions to our Singers' Corner:
    Transformed into a dark, haunting tale, Sealey's Black Diamond became
    THE DRAGONFLY AND THE PEARL with lyric added by vocalist Roberta Gambarini and lyricist Bebe Herring.

    ICE WHITE BLUES, by Judy Niemack and Jeanfrançois Prins, shows one side of breaking up that feels like two: ice and fire. A blues with a bridge, the melody is notated as Judy performed it. Exclusive complete track and minus-you audio available, plus a video of the composers performing it together.

  • Nine new titles at jazzleadsheets.com

    Another week means one thing at jazzleadsheets.com: new music. This week, we're proud to introduce three important new composers: pianist Buddy Montgomery, alto saxophonist Jerry Dodgion and trumpeter Ryan Kisor. It's a massive update with nine new titles in all by a wide range of composers from Hank Mobley to Cecilia Coleman. Make sure to check out this week's videos -- this update has exclusives from jazzleadsheets.com that feature the composers themselves with rising young artists.

    Here are this week's new titles:

    HANK MOBLEYSpace Flight
    Classic early Mobley: burning fast rhythm changes. Full quintet arrangement available.

    SONNY CLARKDial S For Sonny
    12 bars of hard bop with a stop time head.

    A hard bop swinger.

    RYAN KISOR: Horror Show
    A challenging workout for any instrument.

    HAROLD LANDReflections
    Simple melody, challenging form. First, second and bass parts available.

    HAROLD LAND: As You Like It
    A twist on rhythm changes. First and second parts available.

    A modern take on "You Stepped Out Of A Dream." Lead sheets and piano-bass duo available.

    DONALD BROWN: Havana Days
    Modal, modern uptempo Latin. Solo piano arrangement available.

    JERRY DODGIONHolunderkuchen
    A minor blues that switches between 3/4 and 4/4.

    Looking for something more visual? Browse the album covers in the gallery on the Albums page! To get there, click "FEATURES" in the top navigation bar, then "Albums" in the drop-down menu.

  • Joy Spring, new composers and more hits

    Many people have enjoyed the solo transcriptions of Clifford Brown on his classic composition "Joy Spring," but we've often been asked where the lead sheets are. Until now, you've only been able to purchase the arrangement through Second Floor Music's sheet music affiliates, but we've now made individual lead sheets available for everyone in the original key in honor of the 61st anniversary of the septet recording. On top of that, we're adding two new composers this week: tenor saxophonist Ernie Wilkins and pianist Eddie Higgins. With additions to the Piano Corner, Bass Corner, and new quintet arrangements, this update may just raise the temperature a little more on this hot July week.


    The classic bop standard -- now available in the original key, plus Clifford Brown's trumpet solo from the septet recording.


    Rhythm changes with a twist. Original quintet arrangement available.


    A laid-back, swinging ballad in two keys.

    GRACHAN MONCUR: Thandiwa

    A quirky waltz with first and second parts available.


    This bop melody has a serious swing.

    EDDIE HIGGINS: Shinjuku Twilight

    Charming and sweet with Japanese flair.

    RONNIE MATHEWSJohn Charles

    A post-bop blues that features the bass.

    RONNIE MATHEWSSalima's Dance

    Blues-like, with an even-8ths 3/4 groove. Solo Piano Arrangement available.

    RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRKFunk Underneath

    A simple laid-back riff blues.

    Plus, celebrate Hank Mobley's birthday (this past Tuesday, July 7) by checking out our extensive catalog of Hank Mobley lead sheets.


  • Celebrate these birthdays & anniversaries

    The temperatures are rising in New York and we're ready for a summer full of hot music. This week, we're wishing happy birthday to Eli "Lucky" Thompson, who would have turned 91 on this Tuesday, June 16, and Billy Drummond, who turns 55 on Thursday, June 19. We're also celebrating some anniversaries of a few recording sessions we love that feature compositions from our catalog: Grant Stewart's "More Urban Tones" (June 15, 1995), Hank Mobley's "Dippin'" (June 18, 1955), Benny Golson's "Gone With Golson" (June 20, 1959), and Nat Adderley's "Good Company" (June 20 & 21, 1994). There's no better way to celebrate than releasing some new lead sheets, transcriptions, and arrangements!

    Check out these new additions to jazzleadsheets.com:

    ELI "LUCKY" THOMPSONTo A Mornin' Sunrise
    master this sensitive ballad with lucky's own melody transcription

    GRANT STEWARTManhattan Bridge
    a moody post-bop ballad

    CURTIS FULLERBit Of Heaven
    a bit of your own jazz heaven -- try the Fuller-Golson two horn arrangement for yourself

    RAY BRYANT:  Staccato Swing
    a minor medium up swing with parts for tenor, trombone, & piano

    ROB BARGAD: Rob's New Song
    distinctive soulful flair & powerful changes

    ROB BARGADWar Zone
    a driving uptempo swing

    HANK MOBLEYThe Break Through
    NEW for drums - Billy Higgins drum transcription

    Psst! Did you know you can see all of our transcribed solos in one place? Check out this tour of the Transcribed Solos page!

    Enjoy the music,
    Don Sickler and the jazzleadsheets.com team

  • Be jolly: Deck your music stands with new lead sheets.

    'Tis the season of giving, so we're keeping these holidays merry and bright with a new collection of lead sheets.

    HANK MOBLEYNight Watch
    That’s right — we’ve got more of this classic composer and we can’t wait to share it! Hank Mobley’s winning melodic style — singable, simple lines — is on display here in this Latin/swing hybrid.

    NORMAN SIMMONSSlumberettes
    Don’t sleep on this jazzy lullaby. This sweet, lilting waltz by composer/pianist Norman Simmons is sensitive and graceful. Pianists, be sure to check out our solo piano arrangements: one by Norman himself and an easy piano arrangement by Don Sickler. Both were recorded exclusively for jazzleadsheets.com by maestro Kenny Drew, Jr. Concert condensed score and second parts available.

    BILL BARRONMinor Mode
    Don’t confuse this piece with the Booker Little composition of the same name! This energetic medium swing makes a great introduction to the underrated (but always impressive) hard bop composer Bill Barron. Second and third parts available.

    JON BURRRainbow Over Harlem
    Jon Burr’s charming medium swing has a memorable and dreamy melody — and it’s available in editions both for instrumentalists and singers! Vocalists will love stretching their ears with this piece that we’ve made available in both female- and male-friendly keys. And everyone will enjoy the laid-back feel that supports the alluring melody.

    A sultry, slow Latin piece that mixes a modern jazz melody with a smoldering cha-cha/bolero groove. Rob Bargad flaunts his compositional prowess on this chart. If you’re not hip to this current composer yet, now’s the time to start!

    Share the joy with us at jazzleadsheets.com!

  • Hank Mobley in February

    We hear “Keep the Hank Mobley coming!” from jazzleadsheets customers. As we continue with our celebration of Blue Note Records 75th year, we find that February was a big month for Hank Mobley as a leader. We already have four titles available from Hank’s classic "Soul Station" album (recorded on February 7, 1960). Now we’ve added Third Time Around to the three already up from his February 5, 1965, “The Turnaround” session (also released on the “Straight No Filter” album and recorded again on the “A Caddy For Daddy” album). That composition was also recorded in December as a sextet, and both arrangements are available, plus drum transcriptions of Billy Higgins’ playing on both sessions.

    In addition to the two compositions we already have up from Hank’s "Peckin’ Time" album (February 9, 1958), we’re adding Stretchin’ Out and Git-Go Blues.

    There’s one more Hank Mobley February Blue Note leader session ("Third Season" - February 24, 1967) which has five more Mobley compositions. This was a septet session, with the melody sometimes moving from instrument to instrument. We’re putting out regular lead sheets, so anyone can play the whole melody. For now, we’ve selected Don’t Cry, Just Sigh and Boss Bossa from that session.

    Here’s an alphabetical list of Hank’s compositions that were recorded in the month of February and that are on jazzleadsheets.com:
    Boss Bossa (new!)
    Dig Dis
    Don’t Cry, Just Sigh (new!)
    Git-Go Blues (new!)
    High And Flighty
    Pat ‘N Chat
    Peckin’ Time
    Soul Station
    Split Feelin’s
    Straight Ahead
    Stretchin’ Out (new!)
    Third Time Around (new!)
    This I Dig Of You
    The Turnaround

    We have more proof that jazz is alive and well: check out 15-year-old drummer/leader Julius Rodriguez and his quintet as they perform the Bobby Timmons hit, A LITTLE BUSY. This group is all high school students! These remarkable young men are on a very important mission — they’ve been selected as finalists in the Next Generation High School Open Combo Division contest. If they win, they’ll play at the Monterey Jazz Festival, but they need help to get there. Hear them talk about the great opportunity that awaits them and the music that inspires them.

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