Now that has lots of great songs in many different tempos and styles, we want to suggest some SETS (songs that go together) that you can use for a gig or concert. Check out the album cover display (arrows to scroll). More sets to come . . .

Lucky's LUCKY STRIKES collection

We now have all six of Lucky Thompson’s compositions from one of his best-known albums, “Lucky Strikes.” These songs make a great set together, as they cover a wide range of different tempos and moods: uptempo “rhythm changes” (Fly With The Wind), medium up 3/4 swing (Mid-Nite Oil), laid-back medium... read more

Noal Cohen's Gigi Gryce Set #1

Musician, author, discographer Noal Cohen picked these titles to illustrate a good collection of Gryce titles. Together, they present a wide range of contrasting tempos, styles, and keys.

Noal Cohen's Gigi Gryce Set #2

For a more subdued set, Noal picked these titles. This set focuses on slow and medium tempos, with the exception of the opener and closer.