new August 22, 2012

New titles for vocalists and everyone else. Instrumentalists, don’t let these great compositions go by without trying them. The accompaniment-only tracks are wonderful to practice with. Great composers. Try a few!

A Something In A Summer’s Day (Kirk Nurock and Emily Dickinson) [vocal]
A classy, and classic, ballad (or bossa). Sensitive performance by composer Kirk Nurock and vocalist Janis Siegel.

A Shot Of Blues Juice (Norman Simmons and Judy Niemack) [vocal]
A great way to involve an audience - “Let’s start with a shot of Blues Juice!” Relax and learn to swing with Judy Niemack and Norman Simmons.

If You Believe (Ray Bryant and Tina May) [vocal]
A Ray Bryant composition with lyric by Tina May. Learn the Latin/calypso feeling with the master, Ray on piano with bass & drums. No better way to practice.

Garden In The Sand (Hank Mobley and Bebe Herring) [vocal]
A haunting Hank Mobley bossa with a lyric to intrigue.

Try As I May (Meredith d’Ambrosio) [vocal]
Listen to Meredith’s graceful and moving performance, then make your own version.

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