Celebrating Tadd Dameron's 100th!

We were able to put up two new Tadd Dameron compositions on the day of his 100th birthday (February 21, 2017), and now we've finished the editions and the notes for five new Tadd Dameron instrumentals and three vocals. As you'll hear, Dameron's composing is always identifiable as Tadd and always delightful. Check these out, and we know you'll enjoy playing them.

Smooth As The Wind - A Blue Time - I Remember Love

Never Been In Love Minus You track available - I'm Never Happy Anymore

Wonderful lyrics have been added to three of these instrumentals by either Georgie Fame or Irving Reid, and we hope singers will check them out.

There's No More Blue Time (vocal, lyric by Georgie Fame)

Never Been In Love (vocal, lyric by Irving Reid) Minus You track available

I'm Never Happy Anymore (vocal, lyric by Irving Reid)

Hear a sample of our Minus You tracks on our YouTube channel.

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