Meredith d'Ambrosio

born March 20, 1941

Instrument voice
Birthplace Boston, MA

Available Leadsheets

The Boston-born daughter of two professional musicians, Meredith d'Ambrosio far surpasses the layman's use of the term "renaissance woman." Known not only for her musical endeavors, d'Ambrosio is also a visual artist of recognition—an indication of versatility that has undoubtedly added dimension and beauty to all of her endeavors. It's been said of Meredith that she is an artist whose original songs, as well as her lyrics to other composers' music, always have a deep ring of truth.

Trained classically at the piano as well as in solfege and jazz theory, it is not surprising that listeners are not only entranced, but also impressed by this artist's engaging and resonant music—all of which is accompanied by lyrics with remarkable narrative flow. Married to fellow pianist and composer Eddie Higgins until his death in 2009, Meredith first recorded in 1978 and headed for New York in 1981. Less than half of a decade later, she began her association with the Sunnyside label in 1985. She has worked with the likes of Hank Jones, Lee Musiker and Eddie Higgins. A formidable talent, to say the least, Meredith has boldly explored the dimensions of art in all its forms. Her current activities include teaching jazz piano to vocalists who want to accompany themselves. Learn more about Meredith at