Tell Me What's Your Name – Idrees Sulieman & Kathe Laursen

A thoughtful, tender ballad in a swing-to-bebop style.

Idrees Sulieman

August 7, 1923 – July 25, 2002

Idrees Sulieman was a bop and hard-bop trumpeter who achieved more success in Europe than the United States but left a worldwide legacy as a sideman on some of the most important recordings in jazz and as a composer of unusual, beautiful pieces. Born Leonard Graham in St. Petersburg, Florida, Idrees took up the trumpet when his father couldn't afford to buy him a saxophone. His passion for music brought him to the prestigious Boston Conservatory in the mid-1930s. Shortly after, he began his professional career playing with the Carolina Cotton Pickers in 1939 and the wartime Earl Hines Orchestra (1943-1944). The 1940s brought Idrees into the circles of some of the most important figures in jazz—he worked closely with Mary Lou Williams; had stints with Cab Calloway, Count Basie and Lionel Hampton; and was a sideman on Thelonious Monk's first session as a leader for Blue Note in 1947. Read more...

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Kathe Laursen

born on October 16, 1934

We don't know much about Kathe Laursen. When Idrees Sulieman left Denmark and came back to the US, he spent some time at Second Floor Music, working with Don Sickler on documenting his music. Idrees told us of his friendship with Kathe Laursen and how she co-wrote some compositions with him. Read more...

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