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  • Even more from Kenny Drew, Jr.

    Four more Kenny Drew, Jr. compositions are now available. This One's For Bill, his tribute to pianist Bill Evans, is a lyrical 3/4 song which Kenny recorded in both solo and trio settings. The later trio version is with bassist Jon Burr as well as drummer Marty Morell, who played with Evans. The bossa Las Palmas comes from Kenny's first album as a leader; it's one of his simplest compositions but preserves his signature melodic and harmonic style. The Oasis And The Mirage is a suitably evocative song in 5/4, originally recorded in an exclusive solo piano version at Van Gelder Studio; he later recorded it in a duo setting with vibraphonist Thomas Dobler. Finally, Another Point Of View is a medium up song originally recorded as a bass feature; we have a bass part from the original trio recording. We have videos available of Kenny's solo version of This One's For Bill as well as solo and duo versions of The Oasis And The Mirage.

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