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  • New music plus new composers

    Saxophonist Jon Gordon's SICILY is shown in three different settings: sextet, trio and quintet, with a transcription of Jon's alto solo from the live quintet version available (plus a video of his performance). First part lead sheet editions and second and third part editions for various instruments plus concert condensed score and Solo Piano Arrangement are available.

    Lucky Thompson's composition TRANSLATION takes you on a laid-back medium swing journey, presenting an entirely different way to explore What's New changes. Great for one person to play the melody. His original tenor sax/trombone two-horn front line arranged parts are also available.

    PATIENCE is bassist Santi Debriano's beautiful 3/4 melody over pedal-point harmonies, originally recorded by guitarist Larry Coryell.

    Saxophonist Don Lanphere is new to this week. He's probably best known for his recordings with trumpeter Fats Navarro and drummer Max Roach in the early days of bebop, but also had a second career as a recording artist and educator starting in the 1980s. We look at his composition STOP from two recordings: 1949 and 1986. Lead sheets and Fats Navarro's trumpet solo (master and alternate take) available.

    Bassist Yuriy Galkin's prize-winning bass feature, BASS SONG, is an intriguing contrapuntal 3/4 medium swing. Yuriy has also written a Solo Bass Arrangement. A great new addition to our Bass Corner.

    And don't forget about a great way to spend Sunday nights: Nick Scheuble's radio show Rudy's Place featuring tracks recorded by engineer Rudy Van Gelder, 10 pm on WFDU.FM HD2.

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