Like A Butterfly – Ronnie Mathews & Judy Niemack

This modern Ronnie Mathews composition has an open sound that comes from its floating harmonies. The lyric, by Judy Niemack, describes a young girl at play and the future ahead of her. Full vocal track recorded by Judy Niemack exclusively for Minus You practice track without vocals also available.

Ronnie Mathews

December 2, 1935 – June 28, 2008

Ronnie Mathews was born in Brooklyn, NY. He studied at Brooklyn College, and also with pianist/composer/arranger Hall Overton starting in 1953, then continuing his music education at Manhattan School Of Music from 1955-1958. He played with Gloria Lynne (1958-1960) and started his small group jazz recording career with Charles Persip And The Jazz Statesmen for Bethlehem records on April 2, 1960. He also performed with Kenny Dorham in 1960 and 1961, as well as recording in 1961 on sessions with leaders Clifford Jordan (February 14), Roland Alexander (June 17), his own trio session for Savoy (June 19, unissued), Bill Hardman (October 18), and Junior Cook (December 4). Read more...

11 songs available.

Judy Niemack

born on March 11, 1954

Born in California, acclaimed jazz vocalist, lyricist and composer Judy Niemack studied classical singing, but the turning point in her studies occurred when she met the great tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh. “I became Warne’s first vocal student. He treated me like a horn player. He assigned me solos by Charlie Parker, Roy Eldridge and others to learn. I learned about improvising from him. He called it instant composition.” Judy studied classical singing at the New England Conservatory and the Cleveland Institute of Music. Moving to New York in 1977, she continued her studies with Marsh. She started teaching jazz voice and improvisation in the late 1970s. Read more...

10 songs available.