Don't Lose The Blues – Freddie Redd

A 28-measure blues variation that combines a funky Latin groove with some of Redd's signature harmonic subtleties. It's been recorded both in a trio setting and with horns.

Freddie Redd

born on May 29, 1928

Pianist Freddie Redd, best known for his role as composer and actor in the play and movie "The Connection," started playing the piano when he was in the Army. Mostly self-taught, he learned while performing in clubs with other musicians. According to Nat Hentoff's liner notes to "Shades Of Redd," Freddie says he's "been influenced by many things I've heard on a lot of instruments. What I do is try to piece together what stimulates me into my own way of feeling things musically." Redd's music is simultaneously optimistic and knowing—it makes you want to play along with it, to join in the experience. Read more...

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