Terra Firma Irma – Joe Gordon

A hard swinging, peppy medium-up piece. Two arrangements available: the original sextet from Joe Gordon and the version by Brian Lynch's quintet. Lead sheets and parts available for each. Transcribed trumpet solos of both Gordon and Lynch available as well. Check out the Minus You practice tracks on the Unsung Heroes album, where you can practice any part accompanied by a professional ensemble.

Joe Gordon

May 15, 1928 – November 4, 1963

Trumpeter Joe Gordon was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. As a teenager, he became a fan of the Count Basie band, and especially trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison. Later, Joe was impressed by a live performance of "Little" Benny Harris with the Coleman Hawkins/Don Byas group. Soon after, he took a modern music class at the New England Conservatory taught by trumpeter Fred Berman. Read more...

3 songs available.