Reverence – Jim Rotondi

This melodic 3/4 song has an unusual form, with repeated interludes featuring a busy bass line. A bass part is available with a transcription of Peter Washington's playing on the in head.

Jim Rotondi

born on August 28, 1962

A major straight-ahead trumpeter and flugelhornist worldwide for twenty years, Jim Rotondi has charmed the jazz world with his warm tone, versatility and soulful improvisation. Born and raised in Montana—an unlikely place for a jazz musician—Jim was inspired by his musical family to take up the piano at age eight. At twelve, he switched to the trumpet. There was very little musical community to speak of in his hometown of Butte, but like many trumpeters, early exposure to a Clifford Brown vinyl set captured Jim's imagination and kindled within him a lifelong passion for jazz. Read more...

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