Nick At T's – Herbie Nichols

One of Herbie Nichols' more Monk-esque compositions, which riffs on the upper extensions of m7♭5 chords. The bridge, however, is pure Nichols. A Piano Melody Transcription is available.

Herbie Nichols

January 3, 1919 – April 12, 1963

Don Sickler "On January 3, 2019, we were at the Van Gelder Recording Studio celebrating Herbie's 100th birthday with his family and pianists Frank Kimbrough and Glenn Zaleski. Both Frank and Glenn each recorded a previously unrecorded Herbie Nichols composition, on the same piano Herbie played for his Blue Note sessions. These were the initial recordings that started my new project, the Herbie Nichols Centennial Project, which debuts January 3, 2024. Read more...

15 songs available.