Sound Essence – Steve Nelson

A fascinating, intricate ballad with no key center. This song has two themes: an in head that is also the form for the solos, and a longer out head with a more complex arrangement.

Steve Nelson

born on August 11, 1954

Vibraphonist Steve Nelson's career began in the early 1970s. His first touring experience was with the legendary guitarist Grant Green. Steve cites Milt Jackson as his first major influence, although in later years he developed a harmonically open sound influenced by Bobby Hutcherson. While attending the State University of New Jersey at Rutgers then-new jazz program, he met pianist Kenny Barron, drummer Freddie Waits, guitarist Ted Dunbar and reedman James Spaulding, who were all faculty members. Through them, he began to perform in New York City. In 1976, at age 22, Steve recorded with James Spaulding ("Plays The Music Of Duke Ellington"), and in 1980 recorded albums with Kenny Barron and Ted Dunbar. Read more...

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