New lead sheets from 5 great pianists

Soul Time - Bobby Timmons
Another delight, this time in 3/4, from Bobby Timmons, which he recorded on three occasions. We’re also offering Bobbby’s complete piano voicings.

Freffie - Elmo Hope
Another great “II-V” blues melody to add to your repertory. Read more about it in our notes.

Gone To See T - Bertha Hope - new composer to!
Bertha Hope, whose first jazz teachers were Elmo Hope and Richie Powell, recalling the days she and Elmo hung out with T (Thelonious Monk). Definitely not just the wife of Elmo Hope, Bertha is a tremendous talent herself, both as a composer and as a pianist.

Something In B-flat - Ray Bryant
As you can see by scanning our Composer list, we already have a lot of great Ray Bryant on and there are other gems that we’re still working on. Ray had almost forgotten about his Something in B-flat, which was the opening track of Benny Golson’s “New York Scene” album. I immediately got his attention when I told him that this track was used in the Tom Hanks movie “The Terminal,” in which Benny Golson, and some of Benny’s music, also played a prominent role.

Two Sides Of A Penny - Cecilia Coleman
One of my favorite Cecilia Coleman compositions, from her California period.

Enjoy the music!
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