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  • Alto Saxophone giant Charles McPherson is also a gifted composer.

    Today, one of jazz's great artists and a real gentleman, alto saxophonist Charles McPherson joins with his own great compositions. Some of you are already playing compositions from that Charles recorded as a sideman with Art Farmer and Kenny Drew. Now you can start exploring Charles' own original compositions from his own albums. He is a gifted composer as well as being one of our legendary Alto Saxophonists. To start with, check out Bud Like, The Journey and Fire Dance, and come back for more soon.

  • A few minutes of peace and beauty . . .

    Listen to SEEK ME by Cecilia Coleman and Bebe Herring, performed by Cecilia on piano with Cassie van Stolk-Cooke, voices. Performed and recorded at the Van Gelder Recording Studio. Rudy Van Gelder recording and mixing, Don Sickler producing, photos & video by Maureen Sickler. On our homepage today. And from Cassie: In these times when we are required to be physically apart from each other, it comes as no surprise that many of us may feel lost.  While we cannot reach out to you with our hands, we can find each other in the miracle of music, and the beauty of our living planet.  If you feel alone, anxious, or afraid, we hope that you will find comfort and courage in this video.  Music existed long before this pandemic, and we will still be singing long after it has passed.  Be healthy, be well, and most importantly, go make some joyful sounds.

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