Farfel – Frank Socolow

A bebop blues head with a happy sound. The recording has an intricate, contrapuntal arrangement; a condensed score is available. Our lead sheet includes an interlude before the solos, as well as the out head which begins differently from the in head.

Frank Socolow

September 18, 1923 – April 30, 1981

Often overlooked as he played primarily in big bands and only recorded two sessions as a leader, Frank Socolow was nonetheless a modestly important figure on the early bebop scene. He is best known for his first recording as a leader, a May 1945 quintet session featuring the under-recorded but legendary trumpeter Freddie Webster as well as then-emerging master pianist Bud Powell. This session is notable for being Powell's first recording outside of Cootie Williams' big band and sextet. Read more...

3 songs available.