Book's Bok – Bertha Hope

Book's Bok shows off Bertha Hope's vivid imagination as a composer. A separate bass part is available, as is a solo piano arrangement with an exclusive MP3 track.

Bertha Hope

born on November 8, 1936

A dynamic force in improvised music, pianist Bertha Hope has been making headway in the jazz scene since the early 1960s. Raised in Los Angeles, Bertha attended Manual Arts High School. She began her jazz journey with pianists Elmo Hope and Richie Powell in her youth. Although she studied piano at Los Angeles Community College, she received her B.A. in early childhood education from Antioch College. She married Elmo in 1960; they moved to New York where Bertha worked as a telephone operator by day and performed at night. Read more...

5 songs available.