You'd Be Frantic Too – Oran "Hot Lips" Page

A slow blues in Hot Lips Page's distinctive style. Since his blues with lyrics are so personal, we don't have a lead sheet, instead a set of melody and solo transcriptions. Our Hot Lips Page vocal and trumpet melody and Lucky Thompson tenor sax solo transcriptions show the melodic thread of the alternate take; the closing trumpet chorus transcription is available for the both takes as well.

Oran "Hot Lips" Page

January 27, 1908 – November 5, 1954

Oran “Hot Lips” Page is remembered as one of the most exciting soloists of the swing era. His trumpet and vocal styles were both strongly influenced by Louis Armstrong, but with plenty of his own personal flair. He is particularly associated with the Kansas City scene of the early to mid-1930s. Read more...

4 songs available.