Tromboniums In Motion – J.J. Johnson

A double "rhythm changes" head—there are two melody parts that alternate between harmony and counterpoint. Our condensed score and lead sheets show the parts on two staves throughout. Originally written to feature a rare brass instrument, this piece certainly works with any combination of two melody instruments.

J.J. Johnson

January 22, 1924 – February 4, 2001

J.J. Johnson is arguably the most influential bop and post-swing trombonist and also one of the great composers and arrangers in jazz. He was one of the first trombonists to embrace bebop; his playing continues to exert a strong influence on other musicians. He started his recording career in 1942 in Benny Carter's big band. On July 2, 1944, J.J was on the first Jazz At The Philharmonic concert. He recorded with the Count Basie Orchestra beginning in 1945. Read more...

8 songs available.