Reveling In The Beat – Gloria Cooper & Ira Gitler

A easy-going bossa with syncopated rhythms. Complete track with vocal as well as a Minus You practice version with horn fills.

Gloria Cooper

born on May 7, 1947

An impressive jazz pianist and vocalist who is also an esteemed academician, Dr. Cooper has had a lengthy and fruitful career as both a performer and an educator. She has performed with such musicians as Eddie Harris, Red Holloway, David “Fathead” Newman, Jimmy Witherspoon, and others. She is widely regarded for her sensitive accompaniment for vocalists like Meredith D'Ambrosio, Giacomo Gates, and Gloria Lynne. She earned her doctorate in music and education from Columbia University’s Teachers College in 1992. Read more...

1 song available.

Ira Gitler

December 18, 1928 – February 23, 2019

Jazz journalist, lyricist and one of the world's #1 bebop fans, Ira Gitler's enthusiasm for the music has been a consistent feature of his prolific writing through the years. As a staff producer for Prestige Records during the early 1950s, Gitler worked as a producer on many dates and generally wrote the colorful liner notes. Read more...

1 song available.