Reconciliation – Rodgers Grant

An exquisitely detailed song whose melody keeps unfolding throughout the form, with no repeats. Like Morning Star it was originally recorded by flute virtuoso Hubert Laws; Rodgers Grant's solo piano arrangement is also available with an exclusive recording by Kenny Drew, Jr.

Rodgers Grant

January 18, 1936 – April 12, 2012

Rodgers Grant was an American jazz pianist, composer, and lyricist. After having worked with saxophonist Hugo Dickens in the 1950s, he became pianist for Mongo SantamarĂ­a in the 1960s. In 1963, Grant wrote the hit, Yeh! Yeh! in collaboration with Pat Patrick. Jazz vocalist Jon Hendricks added original lyrics and recorded the song with Lambert and Bavan at the Newport Jazz Festival of 1963. It became an international hit as recorded by Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames in 1965. Read more...

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