Tadd Dameron's 101th Birthday

New Tadd Dameron ballads to celebrate his 101th birthday, in both instrumental and vocal versions! Introducing the unforgettable voice of vocalist Richard Allen, singing two never-before heard Dameron vocals, with lyrics by Bernie Hanighen, writer of the 'Round Midnight lyric. Check out his voice! Tadd Dameron Songbook featuring Richard Allen. And reminding you of vocalist Rachel Gould's artistry, on the Tadd Dameron Songbook featuring Rachel Gould

Plus we have jazzleadsheets.com founder Don Sickler's instrumental interpretations of all three titles, playing both muted trumpet and flugelhorn, to inspire your own performances. You can play along with the Minus You audio tracks!
I Remember Love also recorded by trumpeter Benny Bailey --
Never Been In Love  two different keys --
Sweet Life also recorded by saxophonist Houston Person

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