50 years of Kenny Dorham

April 1, 1963, was the recording date of trumpeter Kenny Dorham’s landmark album Una Mas. We’ve had the title composition of the album available on jazzleadsheets.com for some time. When we realized the 50th anniversary was coming up, we geared ourselves up to make sure that we’d have both of Kenny’s other originals, Sao Paulo and Straight Ahead, on jazzleadsheets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this landmark recording.

Kenny Dorham’s music from this session is important, and the album itself is classic. It’s tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson’s first recording session. The incredible young rhythm section had recorded together once less than two months earlier for what was drummer Tony Williams first recording session. Pianist Herbie Hancock had only been recording since 1961, and bassist Butch Warren since 1960.

jazzleadsheets.com gives you the option of playing these compositions in any instrumental format: as a quartet or as originally recorded (a quintet), with the original instrumentation or with alternate instrumental parts available.

We’re also making available Kenny Dorham’s solos on Sao Paulo and Straight Ahead in both B-flat and concert key editions.

We’ll also be celebrating additional important Kenny Dorham 50th anniversary recordings this year.

Enjoy this great music!
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