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  • New music: Jon Davis, Piano Corner, exclusive recordings & more!

    Welcome, Jon Davis!

    Join us in welcoming pianist & composer Jon Davis to the family! Jon is a New York-based pianist with a robust harmonic vocabulary. To introduce you to his compositional style, we've added Too Good For Words, a laid back uptempo swing and a harmonic workout. Get inside Jon's harmony with a solo piano arrangement pack (four versions included) and a piano comping voicings pack (four versions included) -- yes, four of each!

    New Arrivals in October

    Winsome and lyrical, Melba's Tune is a ballad by trombonist/arranger Melba Liston. Its tuneful melody has the makings of a classic. And speaking of classic, we're honoring Thelonious Monk's birthday (October 10th) with Roland Alexander's tribute, Monk's Moments. Roland uses Monk-like elements (an angular melody and irregular form) but gives this medium swing his own flair. Monk's Moments has never been recorded before this project with his son, drummer Taru Alexander. It's a fitting tribute to both Roland Alexander and Thelonious Monk -- two great artists.

    For something sweet and charming, try Tears In Her Heart, a slow lyrical waltz by David Hazeltine. The melody is harmonically simple, which makes this a great piece for newcomers to jazz. The tuneful line offers more experienced players an opportunity to show their phrasing skills. Rounding out our new additions is a classic hard bop swinger, Kenny Drew's Weirdo. Despite the name, Weirdo is straightforward and satisfying -- not the slightest big weird! Learn more about Kenny Drew's virtuosic piano style with our transcription of his interpretation of the melody (Piano Melody Transcription) and his piano solo.

    Feature Of The Week: Spotlight on the piano

    This week's new additions bring many different offerings for pianists. We hope they'll make valuable resources for your practicing.
    Solo piano arrangements flesh out the lead sheets into full arrangements for one. Piano melody transcriptions explore exactly how a pianist performs the melody; we notate rhythmic and melodic changes and articulation so you can get the phrasing down perfectly. Piano solo transcriptions are full transcriptions of a pianist's solo with articulation included. And piano comping voicings show sample voicings, or voicings based on what a particular pianist has performed, to help you work on your accompaniment.

    Enjoy the music!

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