In A Dream – Norman Simmons

This lyrical medium-up song packs several subtle modulations into a 40-measure form with a standard-esque melody. Though written in 4/4, the recording begins with a chorus in 3/4 featuring piano. Our audio clip starts with the horn melody.

Norman Simmons

October 6, 1929 – May 13, 2021

Accomplished soloist, accompanist, composer and educator, Norman Simmons is well known as a pianist with an great ability to connect with jazz singers. Born in Chicago, Simmons taught himself piano and at age sixteen enrolled in the Chicago School of Music. He formed his own group in 1949 and began recording in 1952 when he worked as a house pianist for Chicago clubs The BeeHive and the C&C Lounge. During this period, his first recordings were under the leadership of tenor saxophonists Claude McLin, Paul Bascomb and Coleman Hawkins. Read more...

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