Marc Ostrow

born February 22, 1964

Instrument piano
Birthplace Bethpage, NY

Available Leadsheets

Marc Ostrow is a New York copyright and entertainment lawyer who also composes, writes lyrics, sings and plays piano. He currently has his own law practice, but he previously was the head of the New York office of music publisher Boosey & Hawkes, where he oversaw the company's expansion into jazz, personally signing jazz legends like Wynton Marsalis and the Charles Mingus estate. During that time, he launched, a publishing service for new composers.

He has served on the boards of the New York Chapter of the Association of Independent Music Publishers and the Music Publishers Association of the United States; he is also a Trustee of the Copyright Society of the USA. Before his work with Boosey & Hawkes, he was a Senior Attorney in BMI's Legal Department. He got his start in music publishing as the in-house attorney for Second Floor Music for five years. He performs his original compositions and lounge music at the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York. Mark's blog can be found at his website.