Freddie Redd Project

Leader: Don Sickler
Label: (JLS 1021)

Freddie Redd is a marvelous composer and pianist who has been writing and playing for a long time, but unfortunately isn't that well known. He's been writing gems since the 1950s, but few have gained any real exposure or recognition. Our first goal is to change this situation by bringing you nine great titles that we recorded over a two-day session in 2015. By clicking on the arrows in front of each title below, you'll hear an excerpt of each. If you enjoy these excerpts, click on the song title to get more information about the uniqueness of each composition. Of course, you can get lead sheets or the recorded arrangements and play them with your own group, but you, and each member of your group, can also experience them with individual Minus You tracks (audio track minus only your instrument).

Available Leadsheets