June 7, 2023, is a special day for us at It is the launch of Conn Selmer's first CONNECTION SESSIONS video, featuring Hank Mobley's Up, Over And Out. It's a fun video we hope you will all check out. The opening view is of NYC and the George Washington Bridge, then the camera pans to the roof of the Van Gelder Recording Studio. You can understand why it was so easy for great jazz musicians to get to the studio from NYC. They loved the opportunity to record in this incredible acoustic studio that Rudy Van Gelder created in 1959 in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The video then takes you inside the studio where you meet our own Don Sickler and then Maureen Sickler (Rudy Van Gelder's assistant for 30 years, who Rudy entrusted with the studio). The video then introduces the musicians for the session, who perform Don Sickler's sextet arrangement of Hank Mobley's Up, Over And Out.

Thank you to Conn Selmer, and especially to all of their staff who helped in the creation of this video.

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