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  • One For All's THE LINEUP

    February 20, 2024, is the 18th anniversary of "The Lineup", an album by the sextet One For All. Newly added to are two songs and two solo transcriptions from this session. For Anatolia, a modal uptempo song by tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, we have lead sheets, second and third horn parts, and a condensed score for the sextet arrangement. Trumpeter Jim Rotondi's funky bossa Downtown Sounds is also available as a sextet arrangement, with a full score and parts.

    You can get arrangements of Rotondi's Express Train and other songs from "The Lineup" at online music stores (like and On, we have solo transcriptions of Rotondi and Alexander on this song--our first transcribed solos on for both of these players.

    Another song recorded by One For All had a recording anniversary earlier this month. Trombonist Steve Davis first recorded Daylight--a Latin long-meter blues with a simple, open-ended melody--on February 7, 2013, on his quintet album "For Real." He also recorded a three-trombone sextet version later in 2013 with Steve Turre, and another sextet arrangement on One For All's 2015 album "The Third Decade". All three arrangements are now up on

  • Two more great Renee Rosnes anniversaries

    Earlier this month, on February 4, we celebrated the session that completed Renee's first album as a leader (Renee Rosnes, 1989).

    On February 16-17, 1990, she recorded her album "For The Moment," where she featured her former band leader, saxophonist Joe Henderson, on her album. (In 1986 Renee was hired as a member of his quartet). Nine years later, also in February, Renee recorded her trio album "Art & Soul." These two albums contain six more great Renee Rosnes compositions which we are now making available.

    from "For The Moment"
    For The Moment (with a lyric version In The Moment sung by Shannon Gunn)
    Malaga Moon

    from "Art & Soul"
    Little Spirit

    Next month you can look forward to releases from her "As We Are Now" album (recorded March 12-13, 1997).

  • More from pianist Renee Rosnes

    February 4, 2024, is the 35th anniversary of the second Van Gelder studio session for Renee Rosnes' debut album as a leader. Renee recorded two original compositions at this quartet session. I.A. Blues is a post-bop minor blues head with a catchy rhythmic piano figure behind the melody. We have a quartet condensed score and piano part for the recorded arrangement. The Storyteller has a more complex form which goes back and forth from 3/4 to 4/4, but the melody holds everything together. Renee's solo piano arrangement is available for this song.

    Also check out Fleur-de-lis from this album, recorded a couple of months earlier in a two-piano duo setting with Herbie Hancock.

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