Four new HANK MOBLEY titles

The recording session introducing these compositions took place 50 years ago, on March 18, 1966 ("A Slice Of The Top"). Hank on tenor and Lee Morgan on trumpet, with an expanded front line of James Spaulding on alto sax and flute, Kiane Zawadi on euphonium, Howard Johnson on tuba,plus the rhythm section of McCoy Tyner, piano; Bob Cranshaw, bass; Billy Higgins, drums. Hank's compositions were arranged by Duke Pearson for the original session. Great music, but how many times do you have an ensemble of that size?Knowing how popular Hank Mobley music is among our musicians, we made lead sheets that work with any size group.

Cute 'N Pretty A minor folksy intro leads into the lilting 3/4 A-section melody which expands into an energy 2-against-3 solo B-section.

A Touch Of Blue  The fun starts with a climbing call and response A section that develops into a back-beat pedal double bridge which opens up further in the solo section.

A Slice Of The Top  With a faintly oriental flavor, built around a two-measure vamp, this modal song with a Latin groove is classic later Mobley.

Hank's Other Bag  Uptempo hard bop with a pentatonic melody, sort of a 14-bar blues, it definitely keeps your interest as you cycle through it.


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