Bobby Watson's "Midwest Shuffle"

November 3, 2023, is the 30th anniversary of one of the recording dates for "Midwest Shuffle," a live album by Bobby Watson with his Horizon quintet. Three songs from this album are newly available on Mabel Is Able is an exciting rhythmic challenge: samba in 7/4, alternated with occasional measures of 4/4 and 3/4 within the form. A full score and parts are available for the quintet arrangement, with especially detailed parts for the rhythm section. A Blues Of Hope is well-named, with a bright, positive sound in a minor key. Bobby recorded this 12/8 Latin song again on his 2013 album "Check Cashing Day"; we have condensed scores for both recordings. Finally, Mirrors (We All Need) is a soulful ballad that makes a complete statement in a short eight-measure form. Condensed score and second horn parts are available that reflect Bobby's quintet recording. In addition we have an arrangement by Don Sickler for four alto saxes, with an exclusive video featuring Bobby himself with Jon Gordon, Kira Daglio Fine and Elijah Shiffer. Another Don Sickler arrangement of this song is available for sextet; it is not yet recorded but we have a MIDI audio version.
More Bobby Watson titles are coming to very soon!

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